How to know if a home is selling at a fair price

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important moments in life, as it involves a large investment and a lot of hope. However, it also involves a great deal of stress. In order for everything to go smoothly and for the transaction to be successful, you need to prepare yourself beforehand. At what price should the house be sold? Is it above the market value? Is it a fair price?

The selling price of a flat is influenced by several - so to speak - internal factors, which affect the house itself. For example, the location, the features, the facilities, the surface area and the condition of the property. But it also depends on external factors, such as previous real estate transactions in the area, the average price per m2 in the neighbourhood, etc. 

To answer the question of whether the flat you are going to buy or sell is at an appropriate price or, on the contrary, is too high or too low, the best thing to do is to compare the property with other similar properties for sale in the area. It is necessary to compare the house with others of similar characteristics, for example, looking at the m2 or the type of property. This prior analysis is decisive in order to know if the price of a house is the right one. 

If you do not know whether you are buying cheaply or expensively, you can also ask a real estate agency to help you with the transaction or carry out a comparative analysis of the flat in question with other similar ones. For example, you can use idealista to filter properties on the location of the property in question and compare features or analyse the price range.


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